Our First Honey Extraction!

The Clifton Place Memorial Garden crew held our first ever honey extraction last month.  Here’s a little pictorial for those who couldn’t make it.


1.  Our lovely resident bee keeper, Kellen, showed us what the trays looked like once they were removed from the hive.

kellen shows us the combs


2.  Andrei and Allen scraped the top layer of wax off the honeycombs.

andrei and allen scraping


3.  This released the honey.

honey is released


4.  Once the top layer was scraped off the combs, Kellen loaded the trays into her honey extractor.

Kellen’s extractor is manual, which did the job just fine for this small batch.

extractor 1


5.  Once the trays were loaded up everyone took a turn at cranking up the extractor.  Marissa and Allen led the charge.

extractor 2


6.  Honey started pouring out after a while.  It was really exciting to see!

honey dripping


7.  Once the honey had been extracted it was time to strain it.

straining 1


8.  The white stuff in the bucket is bits of wax mixed into the aerated honey.

straining 2


9.  The honey wound up nice and clear, once we pushed it through the strainer.  After it was strained, everyone got to take some home.

finished product


10.  Delicious!

glamour shot

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